Holistic Health & Self Healing Online Workshop (Level-2)

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Dr Richa Srivastava

Osteopathy Treat by Dr Richa presents
❄️HOLISTIC HEALTH and SELF HEALING workshop ( Level 2)❄️

using Profound SELF HELP techniques, exercises & Guided Meditations based on
Osteopathy, Healing touch( listening to body-mind complex), specific guided stretches, body Mind Awareness and breath.
Dive deeper into the HEALTH BLISS! 😇
1. Learn few techniques as "key formulas" which you can use and apply anywhere in the body as per your need and unlock your true health potential.
2.Techniques for the RELIEF in pain & stiffness in joints 💁‍♀️💁‍♂️ (back,neck,knee,feet,etc)
3.Improve vitality of Organs and FACIAL GLOW 😊
5. Guided meditation for nerve centres ( also known as CHAKRAS in our body near spine) and 5 elements. 😇
Additional 🌸 GUIDED MEDITATION FOR PAIN : a new way to Transform PAIN into PLEASURE🌸
6. Relearning to walk (12 stages to Reawaken 5 elements and meridians )
🏡 At the comfort of your HOME (online on zoom)
Link to Register & join: tinyurl.com/Holistic-Health-Osteopathy-2
Dr Richa Datta Srivastava
📞 9078802728
Note: You may repeat the program 2 times within 2 months with same registration and attend the follow up sessions as well .😇👍